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The Programme for the coming year is ....


14 September
Digital photomicrography
28 September
Looking at our slide library: (Microscopes required)
12 October
Chris Hammond: "Abbe's sine condition" and "The symetry of crystals" (*see below)
26 October
Andy Norman: Rocks & Crystals
9 November
Looking at algal cultures
23 November
The Origami microscope (Foldscope)
14 December
Members pictures and gossip inc. Members biography
11 January
25 January
John Dale: "Industrial Forensic Science" 40 years of problem solving using basic microscopy in industry. (Microscopes required)
8 February
Bring and buy/free to a good home
22 February
Grenham Ireland: Water bears and worm larvae: what the amateur can see and the what the professionals can tell us
8 March
Members short talks
22 March
Life in sphagnum
12 April
Looking at Victorian slides
26 April
Freshwater life. (Microscopes and kit required)
(** The β€œkit” as mentioned above, should include fine scissors, scalpel, forceps, pipettes, slides, coverslips and slide labels. Anything else will be supplied as required.)
(*Please bring notebooks and a selection of the following:
Scissors, child's wooden building cube, any kind of clothes peg, tennis ball, and any other symmetrical object)

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